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Counselor Corner


javalinas Juarez Lincoln mascot

My name is Vanessa Rodriguez-Reyner and I am the school counselor at Juarez-Lincoln Elementary. 
At Juarez-Lincoln Elementary School, our motto is, “Where Excellence is the standard.” I want all students to truly believe and act by these words, not merely to achieve academic success, but to experience a surge of self confidence and sense of greatness within themselves. Our campus achievement would not have been possible without the commitment and dedication from our faculty, staff, parents and students. Together, we can help your child aspire and reach their many goals set forth before them. It is important we maintain communication between home and school. You are encouraged to call us whenever you have concerns regarding your child’s attendance, grades, and/or discipline.

My office is also available to parents for consultation regarding academic, social-emotional concerns. My office is located in Room B3. My direct number is 473-3085. At Juarez-Lincoln we strive for continued success this new academic year and as always, I look forward to serving you and your child.